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Internet Content Rating Association This list currently does not include Acronyms or Abbreviations that contain profanity in them (e.g. RTFM, ESADMF, and FOE), but acknowledges that they are common and should be compiled. Please submit any you have and they may be implemented in future releases. The exclusion of this type of language should allow all age groups and organizations access to this site without worry. (SHS) does not believe in government censorship, but does support a parent's right to choose what content is available for their own children. If in the future this database incorporates those Acronyms with objectionable language, it will be noted here in a warning, so parents can choose whether or not to block access to this site. We rated with Safe Surf

The search results return external links to additional internet information on a number of the acronyms/abbreviations, including Denis Howe's excellent resource The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing as well as to entries in Wikipedia. If a search doesn't find an expansion in the (SHS) database, then the site returns links to search for the acronym on OneLook dictionary search and Wikipedia.

You may also want to try looking up the term on some of the other acronym and abbreviation links or listings available on the (SHS) "Other Acronym Lists" page. Our links page offers alternative computing and technology acronym sites and lists available on the internet, as well as ranks them on a number of factors, so you'll have a good idea how well the site is put together and rarely find bad links. If you run a technology-related acronym or abbreviation site let us know and we'll review it and may add it to the list. Links to other related sites are graciously accepted as well.

Send all your additions and corrections to ParticleMan and put "(SHS) Acronym Additions, Corrections, Questions" in the document or subject line. (SHS) Secret Hackers Society wishes to offer a great compilation of Acronyms for access to anyone, and wish to trade Acronym databases and definitions with others. (SHS) will give all list/compiler Authors and Organizations credit and acknowledgement for their significant contributions and trades.

This compilation may NOT be incorporated into any other document, printed or electronic, without the express written consent of ParticleMan of the (SHS) Secret Hackers Society. Individuals may use this list freely for non-commercial purposes. HTML links pointing to the site do not need prior approval, and are very much appreciated. Any other use must first be approved by ParticleMan.

If you are going to pirate this list and incorporate it into your own list anyway, please be sure to give acknowledgement or thanks to both (SHS) Secret Hackers Society and ParticleMan, and a link to this site. C'mon, don't you think that's fair.

Acronym, Initialism, and Abbreviation Topics Include:
    Animation & 3D Modeling
Cell and Smart Phones
Desktop Publishing & Video
Document Capture, Separation, Classification, & Extraction
Email, Usenet, Instant Messaging, Texting, & Chat Room Jargon
Government & Military
Hacker, Hacking, Phreaking, & Cracking
Networking & Telecommunication
Robotics & Cybernetics
Standards & Certification

Automated Data Collection
Computers & Programming
Digital Imaging & Photography
Electronics & Cabling
Embedded & Real-Time Systems
Graphics & Compression
Hardware & Software Systems
Printing, Faxing, Scanning, & Multiple Function Devices
Security, Privacy, & Encryption
Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence
Wireless & Mobile Technologies

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Acronym Definition Counts
A 737 N 478
B 383 O 309
C 1,006 P 680
D 830 Q 50
E 550 R 481
F 346 S 943
G 231 T 535
H 222 U 220
I 689 V 278
J 109 W 244
K 55 X 106
L 368 Y 34
M 660 Z 46
Total Counts
Unique Acronyms: 7,668
Acronym Definitions: 10,616
Acronym URL Links: 1,690
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